What We Offer

Ages 2 - 3: Little Raccoons

Little Raccoons Room closed till further notice.  

In our Little Raccoons classroom, the curriculum focus is based on an introduction of alphabet letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. This is achieved through circle time, songs, stories, art projects and hands-on activities. Our Little Raccoons will develop socialization skills such as sharing, working in a group and taking turns. 

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Ages 3 - 4: Preschool Panda’s

In our Preschool Panda’s classroom, the curriculum focuses on name recognition, short vowel sounds, and consonant sounds while enhancing each child’s language development and listening skills. The children will begin basic printing of uppercase and lowercase letters, counting 1-30, number concepts 1-15, color and shape recognition. Circle time, art, science, fine motor activities incorporated daily. 

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Ages 4 - 5: Pre-K Koala Bears

In our Pre-K Koala Bears classroom, the children will focus on name recognition, short and long vowels, and constant sounds. The children will begin blending sounds necessary to begin reading words and sentences. The children will practice printing uppercase and lowercase alphabet letters, numbers and their names. Also working on counting numbers 0-100, number concepts 1-20 and addition of numbers.  

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Summer Program 

Our 4-week Summer Camp offers a variety of fun hands-on activities along with educational activities reviewing letter recognition, letter sounds, number recognition, colors, and shapes. The children will have fun creating summer themed arts and crafts, along with conducting fun science experiments weekly. Look for more Information to come about Summer 2020!